Row Independent Maize Chopper designed specially to harvest various feed plants, forage and corn over than 1 meter without considering any row in the field through wide harvester drum unit. The machine performs its task although difficult harvesting terms and removes opening row process problem that is seen at the single row harwesting machines. It never causes tiring your tractor due to ist light structure. Its flywheel system composes 12 pieces blades and 12 pieces thrower pallet. This feature provides you a perfect cutting quality and long-range blowing. You can be sure that its strong construction will be durable aganist to hummocks, holes and every kind of extraordinary term. There are some significant differences at the new product of ÇELIKEL of which experience about forage harvesting machines is indisputable. Lets’ see them together;
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Experience The Excellence Of Challenger 2
Row independent maize chopper renewed and redesigned for the flexibility, strength and aesthetic of machine by Çelikel Agricultural Machineries’ engineers especially for farmer’s comfort.

Challenger 2 succeed as a leader among the row independent choppers by the way of abilities and qualited materials. You will enjoy while chopping by consumption less fuel with less power requirement. No more need for big tractors. We are happy by Challenger 2 with the total renovations for strengthening and qualifying drum system, intaker unit, gearbox, cutter knives, thrower pallets by Çelikel.
Environmentalist With %20 Less Fuel
Challenger 2 has many renovations and extra saving opportunities for farmers. The most sparkling point among these opportunities is the less fuel consumption between % 15 - % 20 comparing with the other ones. Challanger 2 is refaced with you as environmentally friend machine, by the reflection and result of experience and professionalism on the single row maize chopper.
Beyond The Expectations
Challenger 2 promise and guarantee that you will enjoy while working by the way of developed intake unit and chopping system, even if with the hardest conditions and materials; you can work easily without compelling and getting slower the tractor; lying down the maize, lose of throwing and blowing performance, annoying and disturbing yourself. You can see the real high performance when the maize chopper has an obstacle, enforced and compelled or on hard conditions. Challanger 2 has extra % 30 more performance when we compared with others as a result of advanced engineering studies.
Superblow: Best Techinc For Blowing
One of the blowing technic of Çelikel; Superblow is the system developed as a result of perfect compliance of throwing pallets and outtake chute, as all the farmers need and wish. Our mission is here that you will reach high loading capacity by increasing the performance of throwers and blower.
More Work With Less Power Needs
The most common problem of the gearbox system is, not having perfect setting and adjustment for gear notches and gear revolution synchronically. As a result of this problem; tractor power is decreased remarkably and the performance and efficiency has going down sharply. The gears that we used come out with long improvement studies as structurally and mechanically. We developed a system for our farmers to reach the ideal capacity and required work, by not losing power but to have more efficiency. To work with the row independent chopper which is a dream for small tractor become a real with Challenger 2.
Ideal Weight
The weight of the machine is important as its performance. Because tractor needs extra power for handling, for lifting and carrying the machine. To reach the ideal weight after hard studies of R&D team, Çelikel reached the optimum materials for machine. By considering the performance and not wearing out of tractor, the weight of the machine has decreased rationally. This solution relieved the users and eliminated some burdens.
Extra Strength
Challanger 2 has a integrated structure which can be separated by means of shapes and usage of the equipments. We reach to this structure with the maximum level reinforced equipments. With the extra strengthened structure and flexible form adoptable to all land conditions. Challenger 2 is produced to reach farmers goal in the shortest and best way.
Save Your Time With Lubrication System
We take real consideration for lubrication process for perfect working of active running parts. While redesigning of Challenger 2, the intaker unit and the drum system which are the cores of machine has reached new lubrication and greasing ways via the greaser nipples which make it easier for users. As a result you will save your time and labour.
Optimum Silage Quality
Silage quality is vital for digestion, pressing for bales, biogas facilities. Challenger 2 has reached the perfect result for the problem of not chopping the maize grain, corncob, not grasping the maize grain by the way of +chop system developed by Çelikel. You can make silage how you need thanks to adjustable chopping length unit which you can adjust easily yourself.
Perfect Accordance Of Belts And Pulleys
Pto driven gears on machine works perfectly. Power is transferred by the pulley and belts which can be easy for the farmers need of spare parts, maintance and repair. The pulleys are under guarantee for the quality and the strength after the some tests. In terms of stability and efficient work; pulley adjustments and belt setting angles are vital. This transmisson equipments is made and proceed on high precision CNC machines by the real professionals on his duty for not having any mistake.
Automatic Sharpener
The cutter knives on machine is covered with tungsten carbide. The material of alloy has high resistance for abrasion and heat which extend the durability. Sharpening with regular intervals the cutter knives is very important for reaching the ideal qualited silage and the top working performance. Sharpening unit on machine is designed for easy use of farmers and not giving any damage to machine. Farmers can sharp the knives easily by opening the automatic sharpener cover without any extra labour in few minutes.
Nothing Hill
Chopping unit developed by considering the length, thickness, hardness of the maize to chop perfectly. Drum knive reach the excellent chopper precision and speed by Çelikel engineers in a long research efforts. Whatever the conditions are; Challenger 2 is duty for completing the mission in the best way and in the shortest time such as chopping the starting point firstly then independently chopping disregarding the rows.

All the design and development activities for maximizing the speed and amount of maize intake while chopping. Cutter knives are placed under the intaker drums which is the best for structure and installment. The cutter knives has 1,5 times longer life and durabilty after some studies and tests.
Consideration Of Details
The hydraulic system used on Challanger 2 is powered by the hydraulic pump on the gear. You can control the chute for moving it left-right / up-down by this system in the tractor cabinet without need for going out. You can enjoy while using machine thanks to hydraulic control center.
3 Point Hitch System
Tractors have different structure as brand and model. Some parts of tractors may not fit for anothers. So we need to make some adjustments. Drawbar on Challenger 2 designed portable for not to have any handicap or problem. While installing the machine to the tractor, by moving the side arms; you will have any problem or trouble for balancing the machine and fitting the holes.
Adjustable Wheel System
Row independent maize chopper is a machine, heavier than 1000 kg. To carry all the weight on the arms of tractor can be a risk especially for small tractors. To carry the weight of the machine, an adjustable wheel system placed to the tractor. Thanks to this system the weight of machine can be share between the tractor and wheel, and the machine don’t encounter with the soil on the rough terrain.
Multi Way Working Positions / Front-Rear-Side
Challenger 2 offers you different chopper alternatives unlike ordinary methods of chopper. This multi-purpose machine has three different abilities as; back, front and near of the tractor. Folding chasis is pratic and useful. When you use the machine you can gain the time by fixing the machine with the aid of a bolt. We want to show you the usefulness of the machine via this application.
Row Independent System
Because of the irregular seeding, the distance between rows are not equal and this is big problem for single and double row chopping machines. But with the row independent maize chopper you can chop any kind of plant as single row, double row or irregular rows easily. You can chop by single row maize chopper only one row, by two row maize chopper you can chop two rows however by independent row maize chopper with 125cm working width you can chop any kinds of plant without considering seeding now.
No More Labour For Starting Point
Before chopping with machine, you should cut the line by hand for the way of tractor and machine which is very labouring. Via this machine, you can install the machine either back or front of tractor, then you can start the chopping wherever you need at. By this way there isn’t any cost for laborer. With the superblow technology you can transfer the silages to the trailer, wagon, truck placed side of, back of, front of the machine easily.
Extra Distance For Blowing
For transferring the silage farmers can use various kind of trailers, trucks, wagons. Because for all of these variations you have opportunity to extend the chute length (395cm) up to %20 cent by part addition.
Tungsten Carbide
Sharpening is vital for silage quality and performance of the machine. Flywheel knives of Challenger 2 covered by tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide that is Wolfram is the most durable material in univers. Tungsten carbide used on Challenger 2 is generally used by shuttle, defence industry, armed vehicles and for maining industry. Cutter knives tested for the durabilty and the performance of the machine resulted as 5 times more durable.
Perfect Gear And Gearbox
There are four gearboxes on the machine which has different functions. Gearboxes are spheroid cost iron which has high draw resistance. The bearings used in gearboxes are Japan made qualited ones. The gear in transmission are 7131 qualited steel which is specially hardened for this function. Also it is tested for warming up and their fraction by specialists and engineers. Each one has strengthened for their function and specially lubricated for longer life. As a result Challenger 2 has more efficiency sustainability and continuity.
Turnable Chute System
Chute used at single row maize chopper which is turnable to three different direction adapted to Challenger 2. According to machine’s chopping position the place of the trailer is not important now. By using of hydraulic control you can turn the chute where you need and you can make the loading. The chute construction of Challenger 2 produced by 2,5mm sheet metal gage and with the metal sheet and plate it facilitate your labour even the hard field conditions.
Patented Belt Tension
The belt in flywheel gear on the row independent maize chopper had errors of design and systematic error in consideration of tie system. The disadvantage of the old tie system is; placed one side of the gear, but now, placed both side. This handicap caused a lot of problem as; sliding the belt, cutting the belt, blocking the machine, not blowing, not intaking the product etc. It needed to take off the covers for step in the tie system. But now, we solved this problem via portable screw system by taking the tie system out of machine. This system developed by Çelikel and taken international copyright protection.
Foldable Chute For Easy Transport
While you carrying the machine the height of chute don’t disconcert you. Thanks to hardy hinge and lift with hydraulic control on the chute you can fold the chute and you can manage the machine on the road easily.
Road Position
Thanks to the foldable gear unit, you can take the machine back of tractor and you can go easily even on the narrow road.
Maize Layer
Layer system is a system which can direct the maize to the cutting drum during the chopping. This system has speciality to make silage without damaging, pouring, and laying under the machine to the product. It can help to chop against hard and tall maize.
All In One Harvester
While making silage Challenger 2 not discriminate the plant. You can make the chopping easily however it was seeded. Challenger 2 which has the ability to make silage some plants as maize, clover, sunflower, barley, wheat etc. is offered for farmers.



Specifications V1 V2
Length (A) 280 cm
Width (B) 332 cm
Height (C) 395 cm
Weight 1100 Kg
Required Power Min. 100 HP Min. 75 HP
Folded Width (D) 196 cm
Working Width 125 cm
Throwing Pallet Number 12(pcs)
Flywheel Knive Number 12 (pcs)
Options of Tire 155/70 R13
Working Positions             Front / Back/ Side
PTO Rotation 1000 dev/dak - 750 dev/dak ( rpm ) 
PTO Rotation (Optional) 540 dev/dak ( rpm )
Chopping Size 4 mm
Working Capacity 40 ... 50 Tons/Hour
Rotary Receiver Unıt provides to ensure maize vertically to cutting unit. Thus perfect cutting quality is obtained. Row independent maize chopper move easily through moving parts. Independent hydraulic system move to hidraulic equipments easily without any requirement of tractor hydraulic system.


Mustafa GÖBEKÇI / Incirliova, AYDIN,

"Diğer marka makinelerle de çok çalıştım. X marka bir makine ile 115 bg lik bir traktöre bağladığımda aldığım performansı Çelikel ile 90 bg lik bir traktörle aldım. Ölçtüm, 90 bg lik bir traktörle 7 km hızı geçti. Diğer markalarla kıyasladığımda çok iyi bir performans. Piyasaya çalışan bir çiftçi olduğum için yakıt çok önemli. Çelikel ile çalışmaya başladığımdan beri yakıt tüketimi % 10 oranında düştü. Bizim buralarda silaj işi 20 – 30 yıldır yapılır. Tabiri caizse biz bu makinelerin ciğerini biliriz. Çelikel makineyi denemeye getirdi. Biz makinenin iyi olup olmadığını sesinden anlarız. Makine iyi değilse traktörün sesini bastırır. Traktörümüzün makine yüzünden zarar görmesini istemeyiz. Ama Çelikel’ i traktöre koştuğumuz zaman tek duyulan traktörün sesiydi. Traktör makine yokmuş gibi çalıştı. Makinenin iyi olduğunu anladık."
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