Rotary Cow Brush has been designed by Çelikel to increase health, peace and comfort of cows. The brush that begins to turn on surface is a revolution for cow health and comfort. This animal friend unique brush began to turn all sides slowly over and around of the cow and provides comfort to cow. The hair in suitable length and thickness arranges blood circulation of cow and assists to feel comfort for the cow. The cows that comfort via Çelikel Rotary Cow Brush give much more milk.
Rotary Cow Brush Machine doesn’t cover so much more place in the barn. Its assembling is too easy. Cylindrical brush is also available to assemble on the wall. If it is assembled to right place in the barn, other cows’ actions while entering and exiting and feeding will be comfortable. Right placed brush prevents damaging the cows to each others.
It has automatic on/off feature, it turns off automatically within 10 seconds after using for energy saving this period can be adjusted through software card. Its cleaning is too easy and this is very important for barn hygiene.
Hard covering surface of brush provides investment in the long term. The hinges are strong and sound for comfort and safety. Changing brush’s place is too easy. The brush can be used as disassembly for cleaning. Rotary Cow Brush Machine provides safe and efficient maintenance for your cattle.
It is suitable for one and older than one year old and cows. It is not suggested for cows which have hair more than 5 mm length. It turns in 25 rpm and this minimizes damaging risk to cows. .
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Perfect Ergonomics and Surface contacts
Brush used in new designed of the Rotary Cow Brush was designed so as to touch in all parts of the animal with its flexible structure. With this new design touch all parts of brush to the animal maximum yield is obtain from the products.
Wind Filter
Because of the sensivity of the sensor Cow Brush start automatically besides movement in condition wind, air circulation, vibration and working idle cause both energy loss and motor gearbox failures. With the changes of the machine software this such problems were prevented. Creature perceive that the movement carried out by the external factors for ex: wind etc. Or animal approaching to machine and if the movement come from the animal, creature come into the action.
Maximum Quality in Brush Bearing
In older generation Cow Brush machine bearing of brush to engine was actualized attaching directly to the gearshaft. Depending on quality and administration method Cow Brush could seperate from engine and generate failures such as gearbox breakage in reducer. To overcome this problem Celikel engineers made new regulations on the machine, he used new generated bearing system and overcomed bearing fault actualized older generations Cow Brush machine.
No Tail Wrap Risk
All factors threatening the health of animals as a result of entanglement tail of the animal to the machine was eliminated in new generation Cow Brush. With mechanical protection system applied to brush and gearbox in connection points was made it impossible to reach animals with its tail and tongue to moving metal parts. In new design of the creature even though animal squeeze its tail to the brush, machine perceive this situation and after second stop itself automatically, release turning against the direction of the movement. Creature avoid a potential hazard by act up to cow save completely its tail from the machine.
Perfection in Reducer
During the production of Perfection Cow brush in Reducer machine, the loss of power, efficiency and aim of use need to be taken in to account. The Celikel Designing Team, owning this knowledge, have succeeded to make out a fuctionally high-efficient and a long-lived production by making the most appropriate reductant structure to the machine designing.
Minimum Power Maximum Yield
Our target Minimum Power and Maximum Efficiency provides economical solutions to the power wastage, the most important problem of our age. The electric motors used in Cow brush Machines consume 0.15 kW and over power We both reduced power cost by using an electric motor which has 0.12 kW power use in our New Generation Cow-scratching brusher and aimed to supply the National Economy by avoiding extra-power use.
Compact Design
The Compact Designing Celikel by considering ergonomic, solidity, quality and availability as they always does in all their machine-design, have designed the CREATURE Cow-Scratching Brusher. Removing all possible unnecessary parts, it has been reached a compact and minimalist design. The cables aren't dangerous anymore.
No Longer Cables are not Dangerous
The cables used in machines were too risky for security when they were connected open and unprotectedly. The cables under risk of such situations ; being deformed, being gnawed by a mouse or mouse-like rodents and being melted in hot climate, have become unrisky by having been protected with special protection techniques.
Automatic Calibration System
One of the biggest problems during the montage of Automatic Calibration System Cow Brush Machine was the latitudeness of montage surface to the floor. To be a revolution in montage, The Automatic Calibration System is a special system which provides to calibrate the machine according to surface on which the machine is montaged no matter how the situation of the montage surface is. You have the opportunity of identifying the machine as if it stands vertical to floor by pushing the calibration button on the machine card in the situations that the floor is not vertical.
Visual Warning Light
While designing the Visual Warning Lights Machine, it s been showed maximum sensivity to make it user-friendly and to avoid it including any problem in security. The Visual Warning Lights which indicates that the machine works during it works and warns for a trouble in machine, protects your machine and your animal.
Powerful Construction
The Powerful Construction Cow Brush Machine has a perfect structure for not only its mechanism but also its chassis. The chassis is presented to its user with the most available options by being designed powerful, steel, durable and easy-installable.
Electrostatic Paint
In Electrostatic Paint Machine visuality is also important as much as mechanism. For that reason it has been used electrostatic powder paint during the paint in aiming. The Easiness in Montage.
Ease of Installation
As Celikel Agriculture Machines, we have designed an easy-use system which never shows any hardness to its user as we always do in our all machine. This machine has been designed to be montaged by a single person. You can easily install it in 30 minutes with the help of montage scheme without any hardness and any expert requirements.
Long Life Moving Parts
When usage condition and shape of the machine considered, is a know fact that how important material selection of moving parts. The most important is life of moving parts. To bring life of the continuously moving parts longest, Celikel agricultural engineers minimized a possibility for exposure to acid an corrosion of the machine, using plastic and metal combination bearing system in moving parts.
Ability to Multi-angle Rotation
The most important feature of swing type brush is able to act independently to turning in all directions. This moving mechanism provide to determined the direction of brush as soon as possible according to cow’s body line. Thus some itching needs of cow resolved by the machine.
Minimum Silence
It is a fact that loud and disturbing noises have a negative impact on animal growth. This machine are designed for increase meat and milk yield of animal must operate quiet. In this context as Celikel agriculture machine in our new production Cow Brush prevented any noise come from machine in stall, using multi- silence quiet engine reducer combination.
Automatic Start-Stop
Creature Cow Brush is able to start and stop automatically. Brush will start to automatically 3 second later after cow contact with brush. After your cow resolve itching he goes away from brush, machine senses this move and go into standby mode automatically after 10 seconds.
Plug & Run
Considering labor constantly more expensive and time is more valuable in our new generation cow brush Creature is gived free plug & run cable system with machine to user, Thus instead of the user get on the cable to electrician, he gives easily the electricity to the machine.
IP54 Full Protection
Since cow brush machine has electrical component which machine must be protected to water and dust. Cow brush machine is exposed to external conditions that so IP54 is designed to protect against dust, rain and etc.
Engine Protect System
Engine and engine component can pose a risk for animals because engine system has a electrical parts. Given these circumstances electrical parts must be position away from animals. Celikel Engineers are designed to new engine protect system which system has a conservation for outside interference and animals.
You Have Control
While creature was designing, software program enabled to different requirement and every ranch for users. Thanks to this flexible so user can organize the machine for stop time, spinning period, working time.
Safe Shipping
Production and shipping of concept; products derived from production delivered perfect and consummate to user. In this direction product were prevented with special Styrofoam during shipment.
Animal-Friendly Brush Thickness and Rotation Speed
Outside of the machine's mechanical components most important part on machine is brush part which it touch to cow. This brush musn’t be a thick wire and supersorft like an another brush in market. Brush was created using a special curved brush wires for both it have long life and doesn’t harm to animal. Thus designed very comfortable brush structure.
High Capacity
The capacity of this product offered to users by Celikel has increased, resolved the issues on its system and yield of machine increased to maximum. Thanks to its increased capacity it is enough up 50 animals
Advantages of Çelikel Rotary Cow Brush
1- It helps blood circulation of cow and increases meat and milk rate
2- It performs currying process of cows and assist to them be well kept
3- It never covers so many places in the barn. So it never composes visual pollution and it is ergonomic
4- Its cleaning is easy. It can be cleaned without effort and deal
5- It increases performance of herd and assist to feel comfort of your cattle
6- It has not so much charges due to low energy consuming
7- It prevents cows to damage them
8- Its assembling is easy and it has easy use
9- In case of jamming by the way of returning ability so damaging of hairs of cow has been minimized



Lenght (A) 130 cm
Width (B) 135 cm
Brush Lenght 72 cm
Brush Diameter Ø 46 cm
Net Weight 56 kg
Gross Weight 60 Kg
Power 0,18 kW
Voltaj - Frekans / Voltage - Frequency 220V-50 Hz
Dönüş Hızı / Rotation Speed 30 dev/dak (rpm)
Paket Ebatları / Dimension Box (cm) 130 / 60 /40
Rotary Cow Brush designed to increase confort and health of cow.
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