We design future’s machines by realizing potential requirements owing to our unpredictable innovativeness in our genes.

Everything that human’s hand touchs in agriculture and livestock farming has a potential machine. Our job is finding out that potential! Up to now, we have produced solutions for the producer’s requirement in areas such as feed preparing, silage, forage farming, manure management, packing and cow comfort by this approach that we adopt in manufacturing process.

Packaging Systems

This is a packing master that meets the needs of small- and medium-scale businesses...


With the Perpetual Ultimate, you don’t have to worry about the packing needs of your business. You can pack in different scales ranging from 20 kg to 60 kg with the Ultimate model. With the touchscreen control panel, you can view all functions on one panel, as well as access and intervene with information such as product weight and number. Things are faster than ever with the 10-15 tons/hour packing capacity of Perpetual Ultimate. With Perpetual Ultimate, you can easily pack corn silage, beet pulp bassage, vetch silage, coarse fodder, pellet fodder, potato pulp, fruit pulp, olive pulp, grape pulp, barley, wheat, fertilizer, and industrial waste.

Height : 2,80 m
Width : 2,20 m
Length : 7,80 m
Height : 9,00 m
Width : 2,89 m
Length : 2,68 m

This mobile single- and double-station model is equipped with low maintenance costs, a long lifecycle, and standard components that do not cause a spare part problem. In addition to mobile single and double stations as system components, there is a vertical carrier Z conveyor and a bunker chamber. With a chained Z conveyor and a chained bunker conveyor, high-tonnage trailers can be fed by trucks. The vertical carrier Z conveyor consists of an adjustable moving-speed chained-type double conveyor chain and steel angle metal sheet between chains.