We design future’s machines by realizing potential requirements owing to our unpredictable innovativeness in our genes.

Everything that human’s hand touchs in agriculture and livestock farming has a potential machine. Our job is finding out that potential! Up to now, we have produced solutions for the producer’s requirement in areas such as feed preparing, silage, forage farming, manure management, packing and cow comfort by this approach that we adopt in manufacturing process.


Çelikel’s new war ship Cruiser!

You are not alone in your fight for efficiency!

Increases field yield as organic fertilisers are used in cultivation sites. Cruiser is the name of easy operation to use liquid fertilisers on cultivated land with the highest yield!

Cruiser completes tank filling in the shortest time possible with perfect pump suction and pressure power.

Then, you can fertilise the land in a comfortable way with liquid fertiliser dispenser system.

Height : 2,47 m
Width : 2,00 m
Length : 4,35 m
Height : 2,65 m
Width : 2,15 m
Length : 5,90 m
Height : 3,05 m
Width : 2,60 m
Length : 7,65 m
Height : 3,35 m
Width : 2,50 m
Length : 9,50 m

Safety valve that prevents fertiliser suction and dispersion to go above 710 mm maximum vacuum and 2.5 bar maximum pressure ensure safety of Cruiser.