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Large Surface Tires

To get best field from organic fertilizer, winter and spring are the fitted seasons where is heavy wheather condition should be allocated fertilizer eficiency to get the terrain. Large surface and durable tires where we use on cruiser slurry tanker enable you to complete the process without being

Lighted-Up Warning System

Cruiser slurry tanker is equipped with lighted-up warning system for pretending work accident during fertilizer distribution process. Lighted-up warning system is placed top part of cruser slurry tanker in order to elicit the ability to be nocited in dark and night working conditions.

Pratical Tractor Seperator

Tractor separator whereon cruiser slurry tanker designed for separate the machines from tractor within pratical way or reconnect the machines to tractor as practicaly.

Axle Structure

Scissor lift axle is used on cruiser slurry tanker for flexible and can work without forcing the tractor during operation. Scissor lift axle is used on cruiser slurry tanker continues without affecting your machine in potentially pitted and bumpy areas.

Hydraulic Braking System

Hydraulic braking system whereon axle system established for provide the safe driving cruiser on cruiser slurry tanker. Braking system will be adapted to tractor if hydraulic hose whereon cruiser is installing the tractor. and you will slow down the machine and tractor without any problem thanks to hydraulic braking system in any brakes need

Material Boxes and Hand & Face Wash Tank

Considering the organic fertilizer usage environment and user requirements, we settled hand&face wash tank on cruiser slurry tank for having to move away user’s working area. Likewise, material boxes is located on cruiser in case of maintanance and repairs needs on the machine

Tank Level Indicator

Occupancy levels can be seen easly with the level indicator which is contained in front part of machine before the operation or during the operation.

Induction System

Thanks to indcution system where on cruiser slurry tanker able to perform the fertilizer machine filling procedure from the point where the manure pit or manure fertilizer machine, easily.

Easily Accessible Stairs

Accessible stairs is settled for inspecton cover (manhole) which is located at the top of the machine to intervation that you can easly reach in a possible blokageand in situations that require cleaning and maintenance on cruiser slurry tanker.

Strong Pump Structure

A pump is preferred to make the suction and pressure function and when it works in the ability to offer a long-lasting lifetime when pump selecting on cruiser slurry tanker. Possible defect has tried to avoid by supported drain tank for pump system.

Drain Tank

If user overlooks the fullness of slurry tanker during the filling process, thanks to drain tank which is connected to vacuum pump will not any damages on pump.

External Filler Cap

Filler cap uses on condition cleaning and maintance for cruiser slurry tanker. At the same time filler cap allows to external filling by slurry pump from manure pit.

Pressure and Bar Indicators

Pressure and bar indicator where we use on cruiser slurry tanker will supply to start to the user’s spreading and vacuuming process on time and will provide the correct use of the machine. Cruiser is ready to start the vacuuming process when bar indicators shows 1 bar and spreading process when bar indicator shows 200 mm/hg.

Spreading Unıt With Hydraulic Evacuation

Selecting of hydraulic evacuation unit whereon cruiser slurry tanker supplies to start the spreading process having to debus from the tractors.


Specifications Z5 Z10
Length (A) 5200 mm 5750 mm
Width (B) 2150 mm 2200 mm
Height (C) 2750 mm 2900 mm
Weight 2600 Kg 4900 Kg
Required Power 50 HP 65 HP
Max. Gross Weight 7600 kg 14900 kg
PTO Speed 540 dev/dak (rpm) 540 dev/dak (rpm)
Spreader Range 5... 10 m 5... 10 m
Options of Tire 500/50 R 17 500/50 R 17
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