While the life passing through; all even the humans can’t have same the beauty and freshness as had in their first times..
It’s in our hands to delay the disappearing of something and rapid consumption of natural sources or to save any kind of sources.

Celikel aims to prevent the damages of products and the technics to the nature and also tries to reflect the all kind of recycling technics to the whole manufacturing process by Green Tech Concept.

It is vital for our customer who deals with agriculture, dairy and public labours to aim protecting the environment and preventing the damages beforehand not only for the effıcıency but also for the continue of next generations' heritage natural sources contınue such as air, water, soil.

As we are Çelikel, we are planning to contribute to this process with maximum effort and sensibility by studing on machines and agricultural technics. On this context; we are getting better day by day with the help of scientific studies and the application of environment engineers.

Our target is to have a place as Innovative, Socially Responsible and Environment Conscious by the light of spontaneity, honesty and trustworthy principles.

Indeed our main aim is not only manufacturing machines but as well on the context of environmental principles to have different activities inside and outside of our company. One of the main cause of long term presence of our company is having and carrying out the ecologically and socially responsibilities

As we are Çelikel; our purpose is to have the environmental responsibilities with all of our customers, partners, distributors, branches and workers. The studies for covering completely the expectation of our world and next generations are going under the name of Green Tech Concept. As a summarize of studies:

1- Efficiency and environment: Aim is to develop environmental, efficient products with environmental friend technics. Çelikel adjust periodically developments by studying for minimum energy consumption, perfect waste control, most efficient products.

2-Safety and health: Aim is to do our best for protecting the health of our workers and product users. Çelikel choose the best and away from the damages for warning signs and labels, paints, oil, chemicals with any damage, technics and materials for our workers mental and physical health.

3-Environmentalist Products: Aim is to protect the nature and the next generations. Çelikel equipped all the products with oil discharge systems, special design transmission for saving fuel on tractors and gear combinations.

Social Activities and Responsibility Projects: Aim is to have life in a more comfortable conditions and activities for next generations. Çelikel actively attends to national and international platforms, study for contributing this kinds of platforms and organize activities for education in villages also supply for greening the land activities.

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