Çelikel Forage is an ideal machine to harvest forage, alfalfa, flowering plants, beet leaves, carrot leaves etc. The machine that has been equipped with transmission system that was designed to work at heavy conditions will meet your expectations properly even in the hardest conditions. Free independent rotor that composes two parts is made of special steel. Shape blades cause centrifugal power, this provides fixing position to wings during operation so the best harvesting is obtained even in the heaviest harvesting conditions. If the blades expose to any stone or similar high resistance, it will act to prevent damage. Telescopic wheels assist the machine to forward in the wet ground without sinking.
Remote control unit never requires maintenance and can work minimum power. Adjusting shape height is possible previously through adjusting screws. The machine has been equipped by 3 point suspension system so it has a different format from its equivalents.
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Low Maintenance Cost

Rotor placed on the machine manufactured by special kind of steel. Equipped with swinging, independently moving cutter knives whıch composed of 2 parts. The moving parts are montaged freed from another. This makes easy to change the worn part.

High Performance

The main criterias while developing Chopper as CELIKEL are to increase the cutting speed and have perfect cutting under the hard conditions. For this, CELIKEL used multi drive gear and belt pulley system. By this system; blowing capacity multiplied 1,5 times with the 1350 rpm. Swinging cutters do better, perfect cutting as a result of increased turning speed.

User Friendly

The big difference with the other machines, Chopper is not a drawable harvester. Chopper connect to tractor with 3 point suspension. This makes maximum flexibility with easy use and transport under the land and road conditions.

Flail Chop

Chopper is a harvester based on flail chop principle which cut all kinds of green and dry plants by smashing. Flail chop is a cutting technic which based on using the centrifugal force while turning 360° around the spindle of swinging cutters and 2st stable cutters fixed against to them to smash the plants. Flail chop technic is one of the most practical and common cutting technic used for a long time all over the world.

Moving Parts Suspension

Rotar – binder – cutter - moving parts suspension system causing centrifugal force enable the binder to stay stable and have the best cutting under the hardest harvest conditions. In case of exposure for high resistance, binders and cutters moves for preventing damage.

Hard Conditions

Gear box with oil tank is designed for hard conditions, equipped with transmission and safety systems. Gear box furnished with gears manufactured by high quality materials.

21 PCS Knives and Ideal Shredding Size

21 pcs swinging cutter knives working by centrifugal force moves the plants on land by smashing them accurately.

Wet Floors Not Handicap

harvester is able to work properly on wet floors. Strong telescopic suspension system work under all bad conditions taking power from machine's three-point suspension system.

Full Automatic Control

Machine’s independent hydraulic system, chute and cap is completed by hydraulic controllers. These controllers are a leading step to ease the harvesting operation.

Three Point Suspension System

In 2004 as a result of search & development process, machine is adapted for 3 point suspension system after some changements by regarding the usefulness of 3 point suspension system is much more than draw type system for the forage harvester machines.

Sensitive Shear Speed

Not to lose the nutrition values, rotor turning speed decreased for not crash beet heads as a result qualified silage gained.

Harvest on Field

Chopper can pick up clearly and exactly the all kinds of cut products on the land such as alfa alfa.



Specifications Version 1 - 1300 Version 2 - 1300 Version 1 - 1500 Version 2 - 1500
Length on Road Position 253 cm 273 cm
Length on Working Position 145 cm 145 cm
Width on Road Position 145 cm 145 cm
Width on Working Position 308 cm 328 cm
Height 357 cm 357 cm
Weight 500 kg 550 kg 620 kg
Required Power 45 HP 45 HP
Number of Blade (pcs) 21 Pcs 24  Pcs 24 Pcs 28 Pcs
Fixed Blade 1 2 1 2
Options of Tire 4.50/10  KNK52 4.50/10 KNK52
Flywheel Rotation 1350 dev/dak (rpm) 1350 dev/dak (rpm)
PTO Rotation 540 dev/dak (rpm) 540dev/dak (rpm) 
Working Capacity 17 Ton/Hour 19,5 Ton/Hour
Working Width 130 cm  150 cm 
Advantages of 3 poınt suspension system; can easily adjust the forage cutting height; can lift the machines for the rugged, hilly terrains or stones for any obstacles and also can easily mount the machine to tractor via this system. Machine can be used in 2 different ways both for working and for transport positions by the help of special joint, which makes a huge difference among the other machines. One of the most useful advantage of the independent hydraulic system; it can work independently without any need for hydraulic oil pressure supplied from tractor. By the ergonomic controller system, you can easily control the chute and cap with pistons by regarding the position of tractor and the trailer. Perfect design and use of hydraulic equipment gives the opportunity for perminent use on windy weathers and on lands have multi turning ways.


Eser Zafer / Mecidiye Kasabası, Akhisar, Manisa.

"Kalitesi on numara, çok güzel bir ürün. Ergonomik, iş pozisyonu ve yol pozisyonu seçenekleri kullanımda çok büyük kolaylıklar sağlıyor. Bizim buralarda bağ bahçe yolları çok dar olur, genişliğin iki metreye düştüğü yerler bile var. Buralardan çok rahatlıkla girip çıkabiliyorum. Bizim tarlalarda tümsekler çoktur. Çelikel’ in sahip olduğu asılır tip şase, makineyi bu tümseklere geldiğinde hidrolik kollar vasıtasıyla kaldırıp bu tümsekleri geçmemize imkân sağlıyor. Diğer marka makinelerde olmayan bu özellik benim için başlı başına Çelikel’ i seçme nedeni. Diğer markalara göre daha yüksek bir verim elde ettik. Özellikle dipten biçmesi çok güzel. Tarlada hiç fire bırakmıyor. Tüm dostlarıma Çelikel’ i tavsiye ediyorum."


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