CHARGER Mixer Feeder Wagons have been designed to work with all kinds of feed and to perform mixing without requiring pre-cutting. CHARGER double auger system provides super easiness to mix completely fibrous or bale materials and all components that should be mixed. Consequently, it becomes quality and homogenous feed. A homogenous mixture is necessary to completely meet feeding and physiologic needs of your animals.Specially developed angle auger blades provide cutting fibrous feed materials like alfalfa, stem as much as they can mixed in feed.ÇELIKEL double auger system has been developed more to be used the mixing tank with full capacity.A single animal is provided to consume feed as its potential through fast and quality feed distributing system.While you choose ÇELIKEL Mixer Feeder Wagons, you buy a safe, high performance machine that was designed available for your objective.ÇELIKEL produces solutions to meet your needs in best way about decreasing the cost and increasing quality working.

Being nutritiousness of feed that is given to animals and being supreme against to technical and economical aspects is important for a farm to be rivalry.ÇELIKEL designed Mixer feeder wagons with Double auger for more profitable farms through its engineering/developing experience about stock farming and feeding equipments.
Specifications Version 1 Version 2 Version 1 Version 2 Version 1 Version 2 Version 1 Version 2 Version 1 Version 2 Version 1 Version 2
Volume 5 m³ 6 m³ 8 m³ 10 m³ 12 m³ 14 m³
Min. Required Power * 50 HP 54 HP 60 HP 70 HP 80 HP 90 HP
Tire to Tire (D size) 1680 mm 1600 mm 1680 mm 1600 mm 1950 mm 2000 mm 2130mm 2000 mm 2130mm 2000 mm 2130mm 2000 mm
Options of Tire 10.0/75-15.3 10.0/75-15.3 12.5/80-15.3 400/60-15.5 400/60-15.5 400/60-15.5
Number of Blade 52 85 68 95 68 115 120 140 132 160 132 160
PTO 540 dev/dak (rpm) 540 dev/dak (rpm) 540 dev/dak (rpm) 540 dev/dak (rpm) 540 dev/dak (rpm) 540 dev/dak (rpm)
Elektro Hidrolik Sistemi  Monoblok Elektronik Monoblok Elektronik Monoblok Elektronik Monoblok Elektronik Monoblok Elektronik Monoblok Elektronik
Discharge Conveyor Standart Standart Standart Standart Standart Standart
Discharge Conveyor (Extra) Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Unloading tape Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Hydraulic Tractor Sperator Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Back Loader Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Weighting System Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Number of Load Cell 3 3 3 3 3 3
Length (A) 4600 mm 4800 mm 5000 mm 5250 mm 5400 mm 5300 mm 5900 mm 6000 mm 6600 mm 6000 mm 6600 mm 6000 mm
Width (B) 2150 mm 2150 mm 2300 mm 2300 mm 2300 mm 2300 mm
Width (Open Drain Tape) 2100 mm 2200 mm 2100 mm 2200 mm 2375mm 2500mm 2375 mm 2500mm 2375 mm 2500mm 2375mm
Height (C) 2430 mm 2500 mm 2560 mm 2500 mm 2850 mm 2600 mm 2850 mm 2600 mm 2850 mm 2900 mm 2850 mm 2900 mm
Weight 3050 kg 2650 kg 3350 kg 2850 kg 3600 kg 3250 kg 4100 kg 3650 kg 4400 kg 3800 kg 4550 kg 3900 kg
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Low Maintenance Cost

CELIKEL gives the opportunity for low maintenance cost and economic solutions for possible repairments.

High Performance

Çelikel manufactures the highest level machines of the industry by using transmitting equipments such as hydromotor, reductor, gearbox and shafts instead of belt pulley which can be cause to lose of power.

Modern Design

With the Extreme design, Charger has remarkable and distinguishing specifications. Step board and mudguard design has effective appearance for the machine. Oil tank and side exact lines are the items of outrageous character of Charger different than competitors.

Accelerated Cutting Technology

Cycling simultaneously with each other, 2 augers equipped with interval cutters for fibrious products. Wings continuously placed on tip of the augers, enables the feed circulation in mixing section by moving the feed to middle area. A fixed support placed middle of the 2 augers to mix all kinds of bales and fibrious products. This supports diminish the risk of blockage.

Double Drive Electricity + Pto

Double drive technology optionally offered with Charger Feed Mixer and Distributor Wagon gives opportunity to work both with 380 v / Threephase Electricity and Pto driven by tractor.

Strong Chain System

Auger Drive System containing strong chains is long life, durable and needs less maintanence. All chains and gears are designed for usual lubrication by equipping gress oil holders.

Anti Blockage Flow System

ForwardFlow is the protection system runs the machine reverse way to prevent the damage for the irrelevant metarials or possible blockage cases.

Perfect Design

Charger Concept consisted slopy and at intervalled cutters completed with fibrious product cutting unit. The most sparkling adventegeous of this machine is filling the wagon fully. Front and rear walls has enough bevel so feed replacing reached easily. As a result full capacity ( complete cubicmeter) of the machine is avaiable, usable.

Lose of Power Prevent System

PowerSave technology consisted of a serial gears and rear gear systems. Each auger is connected to reductor with reduction gear set. Powersave connection placed between two augers and gear set designed to prevent the possible loss of power on auger system.

Modern Design

Product of smart thinking with extreme design.

Speacial Geometric Shaped Tyre

With the speacially designed mold geometry for all kinds of soil grounds goes without dipping and turning over.

Fastcut Shredding Technology

The cutting process for the fiberous products accelarated with the new design of auger.


Powersave connection placed between two augers and gear set designed to prevent the possible loss of power on auger system.

User Friend Controller System

Under Control with the lengtenable and shortenable controllers

Independent Hydraulic System

Hydromotor generates the power for all hydraulic items on the machines which fixed on gear which designed as independent workable without any requirement of tractor oil pressure. As a result, you will save your time and fuel.

Simple Tractor Separator :

Hydraulic lift controllable remotely; you can settle or unsettle while on your seat.

Full Hydraulic Rear Loader Bucket

New loading shovel is designed for all kinds of feed (hay, alfa alfa, silage, beet, wet feeds, vitamins, powders and granuls) and for saving your time.

Simultaneous Right and Left Drain Tapes

With Symetric design and settable discharge / unloading conveyors to both sides, feeding completed for two sides on one way.

Digital Weighting System

Digital weighting system with the log memory for 12 different mixing and 48 feed.



Charger is high level machıne with private position among the others as a result of intensive search and development studies and long trial periods of Çelikel Mach.
- Charger has at the highest level quality and production technics control regularly from the beginning as raw material till the complete end of the production. Charger has perfectness for the feed mixer wagons with the yearly innovation and new options for users.


Ali Osman ILDANLI / Derbent Yaylası, Akçayazı, Karapınar Konya

"3 yıldır Çelikel kullanıyorum. Hiçbir sıkıntım yok. Yakıt olarak daha ekonomik bir makine. 70 bg traktörümle rahat bir şekilde 8 m3 yem karma makinemi tam dolu olarak çalıştırabiliyorum. Homojenliği ve karma süresi çok iyi. 7 dk gibi kısa bir sürede yemi hazırlayabiliyorum. Bir çiftçi olarak benim en önem verdiğim şey servistir. Çelikel dışında birçok makinem var, bu güne kadar en kaliteli servis hizmetini Çelikel’ den aldım. Kafam rahat çünkü Çelikel kullanıyorum. "
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