We design future’s machines by realizing potential requirements owing to our unpredictable innovativeness in our genes.

Everything that human’s hand touchs in agriculture and livestock farming has a potential machine. Our job is finding out that potential! Up to now, we have produced solutions for the producer’s requirement in areas such as feed preparing, silage, forage farming, manure management, packing and cow comfort by this approach that we adopt in manufacturing process.


Organic fertilizer is an important tool in any agricultural area. Crafter has been enriched by special equipment that boosts, to the maximum level, the benefits that organic fertilizer provides to a business.

Height : 2,87 m
Width : 2,27 m
Length : 5,89 m
Height : 2,94 m
Width : 2,27 m
Length : 7,40 m
Height : 2,99 m
Width : 2,97 m
Length : 8,12 m
Height : 3,33 m
Width : 2,97 m
Length : 7,73 m
Height : 3,30 m
Width : 3,12 m
Length : 8,26 m

Crafter, which differs from its rivals because of its distribution broadness and homogeneity, is a masterpiece of Çelikel engineering owing to its work broadness of up to 25 meters.