We design future’s machines by realizing potential requirements owing to our unpredictable innovativeness in our genes.

Everything that human’s hand touchs in agriculture and livestock farming has a potential machine. Our job is finding out that potential! Up to now, we have produced solutions for the producer’s requirement in areas such as feed preparing, silage, forage farming, manure management, packing and cow comfort by this approach that we adopt in manufacturing process.

Feed Mixer Group

Çelikel that started to produce machines oriented to livestock farming sector by noticing requirement of businesses that makes animal production years ago has developed Brassus feed mixer systems within this scope by noticing that ration preparing provided a great simplicity to producers.


The only thing that Braussus does not have, and that other machines have, is a role model! Children who wear their father’s clothes think that they have grown up and become stronger. However, this feeling is misguided! Although BRASSUS has been the preferred feed mixing machine around the world for three consecutive years, not everything about this machine has been revealed.

Height : 1,57 m
Width : 1,41 m
Length : 3,05 m
Height : 1,82 m
Width : 1,42 m
Length : 3,43 m
Height : 2,34 m
Width : 1,46 m
Length : 2,96 m
Height : 2,20 m
Width : 1,87 m
Length : 4,58 m
Height : 2,20 m
Width : 1,87 m
Length : 4,93 m
Height : 2,35 m
Width : 2,14 m
Length : 5,06 m
Height : 2,45 m
Width : 2,23 m
Length : 5,90 m
Height : 2,53 m
Width : 2,23 m
Length : 6,35 m
Height : 2,65 m
Width : 2,23 m
Length : 6,67 m

BRASSUS has a ground-breaking and accepted BLACK & BOLD reduction group with a durability of 26 bolts.

BRASSUS’s performance is complemented by its perfect design and velvety matte black finish.