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Whether you're on a large farm in Asia or in a small village in South America, you have a chance of seeing Çelikel, as we're in approximately 100 countries throughout the world.

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EROGLU FARM Nevşehir Turkey
EROGLU FARM Machinery Park

Eroğlu Farm, which started as a family business in 2018, now has approximately 100 cattle. This family, which has embraced the business with four hands since the day of its establishment, prefers Çelikel. Before opening his farm, İsa Eroğlu purchased six m3 Charger feed mixing machines, 10 m3 Crafter solid fertilizer machines, 10 m3 Cruiser liquid fertilizer machines, a Scud fertilizer system, and a Carrier bale collecting machine during the Konya Agriculture Fair.

Mr. İsa states that the most basic way to decrease costs on the farm is to decrease labour costs. He says they were able to save on labour costs thanks to Çelikel's products. Mr. İsa is satisfied with the seamless and fast operation of Çelikel products, with their high wall thickness and solid structure. Mr. İsa expresses that it is a privilege to use large machines with only an 80 hp tractor and emphasises that he will choose Çelikel in the future. You can click here click here to view the farmer’s experiences.