Only another original part can replace the previous one. Çelikel machines sustain their promised performance if and only if original spare parts are used. The machine's lifespan and fuel savings increase with the use of original spare parts. Çelikel spare parts allow you to use your machines for several years by adapting excellently to your machine. Benefit from Çelikel's quality spare parts and worldwide service network.


The After-Sales Department will send the parts that you need in the fastest way possible. It provides service seven days of the week, 24 hours per day.


Çelikel blends proficiency with innovation. All the parts are designed to give you the highest efficiency owing to Çelikel's long-standing background in machine manufacturing and its innovativeness, which keeps up with world standards. You can download Çelikel spare parts catalogues below.


We recommend using only original spare parts to promote function and reliability in the machines that we manufacture. The use of original spare parts helps significantly reduce costs throughout the machine's lifespan. Purchase original Çelikel spare parts at affordable prices and prolong the lifespan of your machine.